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Woodoos is a new generation benefits portal for employees and affinity groups, provided by leading payments solution provider Ogloba. It is designed to be a solution that enables companies to deliver innovative benefits that encourage their employees with exclusive financial rewards. Participating companies can be, among many others, corporations, trade unions, and civic associations seeking benefits for their employees. The program is based on a B2B and B2B2C business model where companies, here retailers and employers, work together for mutual benefit, and to favor customers. Affinity helps category-leading retailers to expand their customer base and increase revenue by creating a new corporate sales channel.

Woodoos’ business model is based on providing the management know-how, best-in-class tools and “Software-as-a-Service” (SaaS) solutions which enable retailers to concentrate on their core business. Our solutions are backed by an integrated product suite, a dedication to innovative product development, and Ogloba’s strong history of transaction management.

With this program, Woodoos intents to revolutionize the logistics of retailers’ corporate sales of gift and shopping cards, and boost the company’s revenues.

Gift cards retain their popularity but, as the work force consists of an increasing number of tech-savvy, urban-living “millennials”, reward programs must change to stay relevant and engaging. As a consequence, they are evolving away from traditional plastic cards, to much more flexible, personalised, convenient, and immediate programs managed digitally, via mobile devices.