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Retailers acquire new and more loyal corporate customers, as the program becomes a powerful communication and marketing tool. The Affinity program increases B2B loyalty volumes as the mobile app is designed for everyday shopping. Indeed, the mobile application is designed for everyday purchases, not only for major events such as the year-end holidays. Retailers also note a significant increase in the average basket of around 40%, as customers tend to increase consumption more when some of their purchase is offered. Through the mobile app, retailers can promote seasonal collections or other sales programs by changing the shopping card design, and sending members targeted coupons and messages.

There are several positive effects of using Affinity as a distribution tool:

1. The program manager has dedicated sales teams that will increase the retailers B2B reach;

2. Distributing vouchers through the Affinity app is more secure and risk free than using physical tools such as paper or card;

3. It is cost efficient, and eliminates the need for, and cost to arrange, logistics and distribution;

4. It eliminates the cost of the retailer to manufacture and manage physical inventory;

5. The program manager will take care of all administrative tasks and relations with key accounts;

6. It is targeted. Every card displayed in the Affinity App corresponds to a unique retailer, so every retailer can be sure that money loaded on their card will be spent at its stores, not elsewhere;

7. Bonuses and advantages are granted in the name of the employer, avoiding other basic cash-back downsides.

The program is also a powerful communication and marketing tool between the retailer and the employees, and gives the retailer access to reliable customer’s panel data.